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Discussion started by themistknight 4 years ago

Hello my name is Chris.

I have joined the San Francisco groups here, because I have asperations to move to the bay area soon. AND I thought I would reach out and make some friends. Write me a letter, send me a eMail, meet with me on Skype and/and/or Team Speak, Yahoo Messenger, or what ever other forms of communication if you would be willing to chat with me. Give me some in sites to the Bay area...allow me to earn a friend an build a social network. If you are interested here are my contacts.

Monday, 6th, for most of the day (after NOON (EST)...what three o'clock San Fran time). I will have my Skype on and be log-in to Team Speak.
themistknight @ Skype

themistknight1985@gmail.com for eMailing me.

I look forward to some response, and thanks for anyone willing to reach out. Thanks.

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Awesome! I look forward to speaking with you.
4 years ago

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