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Discussion started by kong47teh 5 years ago

One way, by my understandings, to contribute to the social and economic transition towards sustainability is to support or assist in the production of Independent Films, Local Entertainment and other forms of Alternative Media.


I'd like to open a discussion of around this topic and, to further broaden our awareness, in regards to what kind of media we invest our attention and resources;




There's a video about how some mainstream media companies spend and acquire our resources but, I wonder how the invested attention is affecting our psyche, as well...


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Yes! we are all influenced by our environment. so, if we are to change our social culture, we must change our minds. I think its important to choose our influences, as much as possible, by supporting independent media like Culture In Decline!
5 years ago
More Info. >>> youtu.be/…

A short list of companies that I advise people to withdraw support from;
- Time Warner (WB,CNN,etc.)
- Microsoft (MSNBC,XBOX,etc.)
- News Corp. (FOX,WSJ,etc.)
- Disney (ESPN,ABC,etc.)
- Universal/GE (CNBC,TWC,etc.)
- Sprint (BOOST,VIRGIN,etc.)

A few places that I like to check out every once in a while for national or international news;
- ReasonTV
- RTAmerica
- CurrentTV
5 years ago

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