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Jobs around this Movement?

Discussion started by Chloea 5 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of any jobs around this movement, or that would help progress the cause?  I feel like going forth with my career is pointless considering the bleak future we're looking at, but I also need to sustain and support myself in the meantime, so only volunteering is not an option. Any ideas on companies, listings would be greatly appreciated.

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That makes a lot of sense. . . thank you for your feedback. I will continue being the best I am in what I currently do, and try to incorporate TZM principles, and stay involved inthese groups.
5 years ago
Hi Chloea,

I hear you on the survival front. It gets harder & harder for a growing # of people to meet their needs as the biosocial pressures build and effect more & more people. Which is also causing people to come across TZM and the social model we put forth.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) there are no jobs around TZM. We advocate the end of jobs as we know them, but not by just merely ending jobs, but by understanding the problem of exploitation of both people and resources through the gaming strategy we call "the monetary system".

The Movement is purely voluntary, which is in a way a reflection of the value system we wish to create. I can tell you from what I've seen in grassroots movements, the moment people's survival becomes tied to a TZM "job" (i.e. you need to be making money from TZM in some way) the Movement will collapse under the burden of all the problems that come with "needing money". It will turn all our efforts to dust.

All I can say is do the best you can, communicate the solutions we advocate as best your can, and participate as your life allows, just as I do.
5 years ago

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