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Zeitgeist SF chapter 2013 Proposed action #2 Shooting Personal documentaries of all our chapters' members for the ZEITGEIST SF Youtube Channel

Discussion started by u-r-i 5 years ago
Proposed ACTION 2: Personal documentaries for the ZEITGEIST SF Youtube Channel (see Action 3)
Length of action (ONGOING)
(but we could start shooting them at our NEXT MEETING)
We create short 15 minute personal documentary videos of any and every Zeitgeist SF (or other chapters?) made to be posted on our newly created YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
The content could consist of the following outline:
1st :distillation (50 words or less)
"If the Olhone Indians could live well enough as hunter gatherers in the Bay Area 10,000 years ago to have a full 50% of their waking hours to engage strictly in creative or cultural pursuits, then how is modern society sn improvement on any so-called "primitive society"? Why are we not living better than this if this way of life is truly supposed to be the pinnacle of human civilization up to this point?
2nd: name /occupation /pertinent info/ASPIRATION(s)
3rd ; WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO ZEITGEIST or provoked the idea you had to somehow help initiate positive change in today's world?
4th : what are the most important changes you PERSONALLY want to see take place in our world;s society and why? (provide LINKS to backup your arguments! they will be posted on screen as you mention your topics so you don't have to list the addresses)
5th Any ideas on how to go about it? ( again,provide LINKS to backup your odeas/suggestions!
they will be posted on screen so you don't have to list the addresses)
6th what are you doing NOW and soon to realize these goals,with ZEITGEIST and independently of it as well? (video links of you in action if you got 'em?)
WE CAN MAKE EACH INTERVIEW VERY SLICK. The idea to my mind is to look professional but also comfortable and have yer own style, etc.)
WE want people to identify themselves as being WITH US and not against us
Again this is something we can easily achieve by Z-DAY next month. I have all the editing facilities and skills to whip this stuff out quick-like.WE JUST NEED FOLKS TO SHOWUP AT THE NEXT MEETING to SHOOT THE INTERVIEWS, Come Prepared with at least a fair ideaof what your answers to each question will be. But no READ answers or "rehearsed" answers please (unless they are in the form of a "skit"!)
ALTERNATELY folks can of course SHOOT THEIR OWN BIO VIDEOS and then upload them to the ZEITGEIST SF Youtube channel! See my NEXT DISCUSSION POST for Action #3"SF ZEITGEIST Youtube Channel" to FIND OUT HOW!
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