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On EDITING "Moving Forward" down to a 20-25 minute presentation: How we can get 'er done before we even meet to view the film...

Discussion started by u-r-i 5 years ago

Since only our turnout for the editing session at GLEN PARK Library on Feb 2nd was sadly too small to be 'actionable' (hey, we have or good turnouts too!) I propose this "Alternate tactic for everyone to get their 'two cents in asto what should DEFINITELY be IN The EDITED version of "Moving Forward" Which needs to be ready in a months time for our "Z-DAY media event". Please read on...

It's occured to me just now at 4:20 am that we can come PREPARED TO WHIP OUT action 1 in short order by each of us independently reviewing MOVING FORWARD ASAP (at least prior to our meeting to do same on Feb. 2nd at the Glen Park public library) and taking the notes on the 20 minutes they feel is most important to include in the edited/DISTILLED version we are creating. Then the ACTION could be quickly concluded by seeing how all our submissions line up and what sections we all agree MUST be put in, (and what we should definitely CUT) but not through an in-meeting discusiion so much as through this method of Pre-preparation! we could have this action done in 30 minutes time at the NEXT MEETING and thereby have time to move onto action 2

(which I am about to submit as a new discussion! Please check it out!)

So everyone please JOIN THIS DISCUSSION! What would YOU want in the 2o minute edited version of moving forward? what would you NOT want in it?







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Uri- We can try this for our zday planning meeting next week! I will send your proposal to those participating, I know those who attended today's meeting would be interested . Also, we can shot the "Why I Advocate?" videos after the meeting and get those up on youtube.

Jason, I agree. Thank you!
5 years ago
The most relevant part of ZMF that is helpful is understand what TZM advocates is the section called "Project Earth". That's a good section that shows the "what" behind what our train of thought is.

If you're on a mac, iMovie is a fine way to extract that section from the DVD . It basically starts at chapter 2.
5 years ago

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