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Some good news...

Discussion started by xcoulon 5 years ago

Throughout history, people have been controlled by men of power, i.e., you do it for them.   It was a form of internal cooperation, a cooperation limited to the members of the group: first family, then tribe, then city, then culture.  These we-them competitive relationships involved successively larger and more organized groups of people.   What they had in common were a division, a feeling of ‘we are right’ and ‘they don’t get it ‘ (or ‘they’re going to get it!’).

By the crudest sort of evolution, survival of the fittest, most large organizations of people were ruled by an elite group, and the vast majority were followers or worse – an internal we-them competitive relationship.  Then for a brief moment in history, Athens made all its citizens equal and demonstrated the astonishing power of cooperation!   America with its corporations and poorly represented population has not yet achieved what Athens did, but there is a solution.

The solution is for the competitive elements of humanity to become cooperative, say, through trade, or sharing of thoughts and ideas, assistance, services, free sharing of information, and whatever else works.  Understanding the beauty in each other’s contribution will create the best possible world we can live in.  Who in their right mind doesn’t want that? 

Even those who consider themselves religious want the best possible world, they just imagine/believe that world exists elsewhere, perhaps in another dimension or another universe for that matter.  But still, we live here now.  Help us here and now, and join heaven to earth.

If we take the guns away from the people, that is, the private sector, we must take them from the public, corporate, government, and all other organizations and life forms.  Ruthless people have always emerged from violent cultures, so we must find a way to be non-violent – it’s a no-brainer. 

It is the task of each of us to understand non-violence, just as it is the task of each of us to understand who we are, and how we can help flourish, heal the Earth, and stop the damage and violence. 

The good news is there are more ways to do it than there are people, so everyone gets to help their own way and cooperate with others doing the same.  It is an immense journey, full of wonder and surprises and you get to do it because no one can do it for you.

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Thanks for posting, I really liked the good news. Puts into perspective any comments about the impossibility of implementing anything like a resource-based economy in our day and age -- the possibilities of implementation are endless.
5 years ago

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