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Chapter Meeting Minutes 6/16/2012

Discussion started by Reba 5 years ago

Meeting Minutes from 6/12/2012

One Planet Project
What is it?http://oneplanetproject.net/index.php/en/the-campaign

As a Chapter our focus should be interacting with the public on a consistent basis. We feel that the One Planet Project provides some excellent materials that we can use as a supplemental process in our efforts to reach the public.

Zeitgeist Media Festival
Main event in LA

We have agreed that it is important to have a local Media Festival
Dates:August 3rd, 4th , or 5th.

Free Venue In central location(ideally Arcata)
Artists-Musicians- Short Film--->Submissions - send info here tzmhumboldt@gmail.com

Press assistance- meaning- help with following up with all local media to help promote event

Street Team- handbills, fliers, word of mouth and online promo

Other ways we can host a media festival---> a critical mass/bike mob/flash mob/parade/banner walk type of action. Other ideas? Let's dial it in stat!

Ways to be active members:

Z BLOG http://blog.thezeitgeistmovement.com/
-Do you read ZBlog? Post up articles you enjoy on our website!
-Do you have an account?
-Do you like to write?
Get involved and share your work!

New BlogTalkRadio shows have come out
Give a listen

To do:
We have a website!
Sign up/ Register/ Sign in / Join our Group/ populate !

Some of you have signed up as a registered user but have yet to join our Chapter which on this website is called a "group".

Looking for members to regularly post and to participate on the site with relevant material.

What are you passionate about?
Is it the movement as a whole, technology, science, sociology,  humor....
Share what you are learning about, create discussions on our group page and comment on others posts!
Let's get in the habit of coming over here rather than only "hanging out" on Facebook.

Supplies ordered/Printed:
Flag on the way, Banner order coming up
Dvd's (all 3 movies)printed and almost ready
Restocked the newer green, and yellow 2 sided handbills.
Website link address guide
Printing a few copies of the Chapter Resource Guide

One Planet Project questionnaire, answer sheet and resource guide.

Community Awareness
-Public access tv
-Farmers Market(minimal once a month tabling)
Street team- drop free fliers and dvd's wherever you go! email us and we will provide materials
-Radio call in - regular show/Z Talk minimum once a month

Local Lecture Team---are you interested?
Practice  your skills !
download the  power point  presentation from  the ZMCA
take action page http://zmca.org/take-action
Towards the bottom of the page ( after that long list of many great downloads(hint hint*) is The Zeitgeist Movement 2008 Slide Presentation.

Next Meeting
SOON!   We need to get in gear for ZMF

Thanks everyone


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