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Morals and values with no socially accepted propensity are doomed to failure. What are your thoughts about Laws, and paper proclamations?

Discussion started by Reba 5 years ago

"Today we use paper proclamations, as we call them to denote a person's so-called rights. And just like laws, they are culturally biased artificial concoctions, which attempt to solve reoccurring problems by simply declaring something with words on paper usually. Rights, in fact, have been invented to protect ourselves from the negative by-products of the social system itself. And once again, instead of seeking a true solution to a problem we invent these patches by way of paper proclamations in an attempt to resolve them. This does not work. It has never worked. There is really no such thing as an unalienable right outside of the culture in which it is assumed. We are making this up! Therefore, liberties need to be inherent in a social system by design not alluded to ambiguously on paper. As a classic example of this, let's take the notion of divine law the famed Ten Commandments: "Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not murder". Why? These are surface notion cop-outs created by men who didn't have any real information who did not understand that we live in a cause-and-effect reality. Telling people this does virtually nothing, as history has proven. Morality is an empty idea that has no empirical referent. An intelligent commandment would be something like: 'Thou shalt continually re-orient thyself and society to reduce reactionary propensities that lead to abhorrated consequences such as stealing and murder.' "

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Hello Reba,

I think that system, just like our oxymoron of a "justice system" is outdated. Paper laws may have been needed and relevant at the time. But eventually they became useless as more and more laws were passed, usually to benefit the wealthy ie. corporate concerns.

One of my favorite jokes to date is one of George Carlin's. In his very last comedy show he proclaimed that American's don't have Rights anymore. There is no such things as an 'unalienable right'. It's a lie to calm the uneducated public. All American's have are 'Privileges". Rights cannot be taken away, but privileges can.
Mr. Carlin then stated; "If you believe we have rights, go google Japanese American internment during WW2".

If you really think about it, your freedom is also limited by money ie. your earning ability. Basically, if you are poor - you don't have money to 'vacation' or 'travel'. You are stuck living check to check, hand to mouth and struggling to put food on the table and keep your children out of trouble. The stress of making ends meet exhaust your physical and mental reserves and leave you drained. It's how a majority of Americans survive.

Case in point. I have 2 jobs. Not because I love to work over 12 hours a day, but because I am wage slave and to make ends meet - even though I have no children - I have to work that much to pay the mortgage on the house I grew up in. Along with my car payment, food, gasoline etc. I am lucky to afford a vacation with a friend in a Motel in Eureka 3 days around our birthday once a year is our 'Vacation'.

This is our 'luxury'. I have worked since 1992 and only in the last 4 years, have I been able to even afford that much. It seems no matter how much money I made, my bills have risen to meet my new earning ability.

Thus, this is the reality of the 'extent' of my Freedom.

In closing I wanted to add a bumper sticker I saw recently:
American's have the best Democracy that Corporate Lobbyists can buy!

I got a kick out of that one, it made me think a minute

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

5 years ago

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