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Busy, busy, busy!

Discussion started by shinspitfire 5 years ago

Hey Everyone,


I figure I could throw in some random thoughts and perhaps help get the ball rolling with our new chapter page. I'm also going on the assumption that most of us have been busy with work, school or life in general. I know I am, it's finally slowed down at the restaurant and with the exception of Mother's Day, it will all probably be slow for the rest of the summer/fall. I did manage to go to the LA meeting with Curtis a month back.


The LA Chapter hosted a townhall meeting in the USC campus. It was a great experience! Lots of great speeches were given such as an explaination of the official TZM Website, getting the word out through a "ripple effect", and social awareness. All followed by the short clip of Peter Joseph's Tedx Talk. Ending with a nice Q & A with Peter Joseph. It was surreal to have PJ in the same room with us. We ran into a couple of the San Diego guys there as well. Glad I went, it gave me a bit of a motivational push to keep at it.


Despite the scorching heat, I am willing to volunteer some time with any activities we can organize in the near future. I know we talked about different street fairs, maybe running a townhall ourselves or even another screening. Personally I would like to focus on some actual volunteerism, I've got a few in mind and I would appreciate any suggestions thrown my way.


Peace Out!





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Thanks Arnold! So what actual volunteerism do you have in mind? I would love to be part of the new global campaign to collect email addresses. Anything to get the ball rolling again for our PS chapter. We have been busy but maybe we can take some time out thurs evening and hit up the street fair to talk to people... what do you think?
5 years ago

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