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04/28 Meeting Notes

Discussion started by Sujey 5 years ago

04/28/12 Meeting Notes:


Please Use the Discussion Forums to add communication resources, performer contacts and venue possibilities. This will allow everyone to see and update as well as allow others to access to valuable resources Laughing.

Communication Team Building:
-Share resources on the discussion board.
-What books, information or other resources did you find helpful?
-Having open discussion meetings

New Chapter Platform: http://zmcachapters.org/
-Is being structured.

Media Fest:
-Post contacts for comedians, performers, musicians and artists.

-Contact Performance dance crew: Sujey

-Contact Glow art performers: Drew and Rhiannon

-Post venues possibly an indoor event.

-Promotion: Use free event sites, Meetup for the month before the event, facebook advertising, street performances and open mic nights.

- Open mic nights for the Bay Area are located here: http://www.mattjalbert.com/openmic.html

One Planet Zeitgeist Project: Go to http://oneplanetproject.net/ for details.
-T-shirts and material are now available.

     -Shirts: Drew

     -Printed Material: Sujey

Contacting Local Groups:
Post organizations in the Bay Area on discussion board.

-Contact SF Mime Troup http://www.sfmt.org/index.php : Gabriella

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