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April 2013 Update.

Monday, 01 April 2013

Upcoming Radio Show, April 3rd 2013
Host: Ryan Dyment and Lawrence Alvarez of The Zeitgeist Movement Toronto interview best-selling author of "Sacred Economics" Charles Eisenstein. Under discussion are economic collapse, the gift economy, the role of technology in shaping humanity's future and much more.


Zeitgeist Day 2013 Success! Thank you!
With over 50 countries participating in The Zeitgeist Movement's flagship annual global awareness event, the fifth annual "Zeitgeist Day" was a great success.

Zday Global Event Map
Official Press Release

While Zdayglobal.org is in the process of being updated, the following are select highlights, including the full, 5+ hour Main Event in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

-Los Angeles Main Event: 11 talks from the symposium entitled “Realizing Human Progress & Sustainability” (5 Hour Play List)

-Press: Peter joseph, Post-Zday interview on Russia Today with Abby Martin

-TZM Vancouver's Virtual Online Event, with Gabor Mate


If you have links, press or video you would like to submit, please use the Zday contact form Here.

TZM featured discusson on The Young Turks
Pre-Zday, 50 min interview with Peter Joseph and Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, widely considered the most watched internet news show in the world.

Watch Here

From TYTs:
"Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, sits down for an in-depth interview with Cenk Uygur. The Zeitgeist movement has a goal of global sustainability via change in the social system. Is it possible to live free of material goods? Will going so bring back the reality of free choice, and is it possible to maintain freewill in the market economy? Is the market economy still useful in today's world, or does it mainly create corruption? Peter Joseph answers these questions and more in a sit-down interview with Cenk Uygur. "

In Solidarity,
TZM Global

About The Zeitgeist Movement
About TZM: The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability activist group working to bring the world together for the common goal of species sustainability before it is too late. Divisive notions such as nations, governments, races, political parties, religions, creeds or class are non-operational distinctions in the view of The Movement. Rather, we recognize the world as one system and the human species as a singular unit, sharing a common habitat.

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